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    The Somerset County ESC performed water tests at the 7 Finderne Avenue school building following the process set forth by the State of NJ for determining lead levels in the drinking water.  The water samples were drawn on the morning of May 9, 2017 following the protocol set forth by the State of NJ.  The samples were drawn from all seven water fountains located in the hallways as well as the sinks in the classrooms, food service prep room and Shop-Rite.  If the sink had a bubbler (water fountain), the sample was taken at the bubbler.  If the sink did not have a bubbler, the sample was taken from the cold water outlet of the faucet.  There were some classrooms with non-working sinks – those were not part of the sampling.  Water samples were not taken from the bathroom sinks.

    The samples were picked up by Leco Laboratory on May 12th and delivered to Ocean Environmental Labs for analysis.  The samples were analyzed on May 25th and May 26th.   The results are good news!  All 30 water outlets that were tested came in at or below the state mandated limit of 15 milligrams per liter (ug/L).  The highest reading - 15 ug/L – came from the cold water fountain (bubbler) in the computer lab (room 311).  The next highest reading – 10 ug/L – came from the bubbler in room 217.  There was one 8 ug/L (room 227 – Life Skills common area) and one 7 ug/L (room 226 – Life Skills room).  Two readings came in at 3 ug/L and the remaining twenty-four readings came in at 2 ug/L. 

    The test results are summarized in the following spreadsheet using the format that the State of NJ provided.

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