Michael Viggiano



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Michael Viggiano

My name is Michael Viggiano and I’m a teacher of Physical Education, Driver’s Education and Health. I’ve been in education for 16 years, all of those years at Somerset County Educational Services Commission.  I primarily work with grades 9-12 however, I’ve taught grades k-12 throughout my career.  My goal is to continue doing my best to impact our students in a positive manner to help them achieve their goals of graduating high school.

As a teacher I feel my strengths are my ability to encourage our students to participate in physical education, regardless of their physical or academic abilities, by embracing a kindhearted instructional approach.  I also have a friendly personality which translates well in the classroom when I teach driver’s education and health.  Overall, I take the time to establish levels of respect and rapport with all of my students so that I can best identify specific topics that will continuously keep my students engaged.

In addition to teaching my main subjects I have implemented intra- and inter-mural sports programs during the school day consisting of flag football, basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer and weightlifting.  These programs give our students an opportunity to participate in team sports when they can sometimes no longer participate at sending districts. We have played for the championship in basketball the last four years winning our last one in 2015.  Some additional highlights are revising the (9-12) Health and Physical Education curriculum, receiving grants, and achieving teacher of the year.