• The Somerset Secondary Academy offers 9-12 programming for students who have behavioral, emotional and/or learning disabilities.

    Our child study team works closely with students, parents, and sending school districts to develop ambitious, yet attainable academic and behavioral goals.

    Our child study team consisting of school psychologists, learning consultants, licensed clinical social workers, and psychiatric nurse practitioners work collaboratively to coordinate all services needed to ensure a successful high school experience.

    Transition planning is coordinated with our child study team, the sending district’s representatives as well as any relevant outside support agencies.


    The Somerset Alternative High School Program assists students in realizing their academic potential to meet high school requirements while fueling their motivation for success.

    Students participate in a proficiency based “Option II” program pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:8-5.1.

    Students earn high school credits through this innovative program, ultimately leading to high school graduation.

    Students have access to virtual school electives and structured learning experiences (SLE) to develop college and career readiness skills.

    Counselors work with students to develop post-secondary goals.