• Welcome to the Academy,

    The mission of the Academy is to work as a collective team to ensure the academic and social success of all our students (ages 5-21). We accomplish this through a rigorous curriculum, intervention response (multi-tiered systems of support), real-time data so that teachers can adjust instructional and intervention practices, and student-led conversations. Student-centered learning environments promote academic rigor as well as a sense of individuality to address the needs of our diverse learners. All children are encouraged to meet their goals each and every day as they become “life-long learners.”

    To meet the challenges of the 21st century, our students must be critical thinkers, problem solvers (creative), technology savvy, and be able to communicate and collaborate effectively in this global competitive world. To that end, we have high expectations for all our students in order to prepare them for college and career readiness after graduation. The Academy’s main goal is to provide the right conditions for learning primarily by creating a safe and engaging environment supported by an interdisciplinary approach, research, innovative teaching, real world connections, and service. Students receive personalized instruction, in every curricular area, from our highly trained staff with the goal of expanding their higher cognitive thinking. Our students will achieve the goals and objectives of the Academy and will have a positive school experience through student choice, celebrations, and continuous support.

    As the principal of Somerset Elementary Academy and the Career Center, I find great rewards in providing intellectual leadership and academic excellence to prepare students with 21st-century skills. As a professional educator, I have worked with students from many cultural, socioeconomic, and academic backgrounds in special education. I have earned two Master’s degrees and a doctorate and possess more than a decade of classroom and administrative experience in urban education. Commitment to excellence though shared services is the cornerstone of the Somerset County Educational Services Commission (SCESC) experience, and I not only embrace it, I will devote my career to furthering it.

    I invite you to visit our academy to learn more about our educational approach, accomplishments, and family atmosphere.